Apicide – 10 oz.


It’s taken over three years, but the nation’s stockpiles of discontinued Ficam (R) have run dry. Apicide (R), a free-flowing dust formulation with 5% carbaryl, fills the void as the product is proven over decades to outperform repellent dusts in treating in-ground and wall void nests of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and more.

Apicide’s (R) Advantages:

  • Designed for Wall Void and In-Ground Nests
  • Easy Application: No special tools or equipment needed
  • Will not harm bushes, shrubs, flowers, or lawns
  • Used by BeeKeepers and Professional Exterminators across the United States

Apicide (R) works best where Jet Spray Aerosols fail: in nests where all you see are wasps or yellow jackets disappearing into a crack in the mortar or a hole in the ground. A firm squeeze to the applicator bottle pushes the powder into the wall void or ground cavity.

Apicide is effective for treating bees, wasps, and hornets in wall voids. The entrance where the bees are entering, whether is be a hornets nest entrance or the entrance to a wall, can be dusted. The bees track this dust deep inside the nest killing the bees as they brush up against the “infested” bee or as the bees groom each other, etc. Apicide (R) is a 5% carbaryl (Sevin) dust in a ready-to-use applicator canister with a 6″ extension straw for pinpoint and effective elimination of honey bees, carpenter bees and wasps including yellow jackets and hornets.

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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 6 in

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